A Non-Profit Organization for the welfare of student community.
An Initiative to help students and professionals get handpicked top-quality global research and industrial opportunities 🎯.
Ignitus runs as a non-profit and works towards the upliftment of education equity worldwide by decentralising research, skill-acquisition, and employment opportunities.
We are creating a global open-source platform where anyone enrolled in an undergraduate/postgraduate program at any institution can look for opportunities, our unique value proposition is we are devoted to educational opportunities with no involvement of any startup, companies, etc. we are still in a phase of creating Ignitus our goal is to act as an opportunity bridge. 🚀
Our only goal is ❝ Skyrocketing a scholar career by providing the best global opportunities ❞. Ignitus platform has got exponential growth after successful Internship opportunities completion by the associated scholars in collaboration with researchers from Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) & Oxford University 🏛.
We are committed to bringing together multiple initiatives for a grand scale open-source product development program for women's in technology. we are honoured to have among us more than admirable leaders in the fight for equal opportunities for women at WooTech & GirlScript Foundation.
To know more about Ignitus feel free to browse mentioned resources.
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Ignitus is a collective effort by students & researchers from prestigious institutions e.g - Stanford, MIT, UCB, UCLA, USC.
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