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IDEA: Ignitus client & API documentation. 🚀

Let's start with Client documentation, Welcome to the Ignitus Design System – an open-source library of React components for creating features @ignitus. It was originally created to help our teams work faster together, but it can be easily adapted to create applications with the look and feel of your own experience.

Why we created a design system?

We created this Design System with several goals in mind:
  • To document components, patterns, and design guidelines, all in one place.
  • To ensure consistency in our code and design.
  • To standardise the visual language and experience of our products.
  • To provide guidance on the correct usage of the patterns.
  • To streamline our design and development.
  • It is a great platform to inform, inspire, promote and be the single source of truth for everybody within organisation working on different features.

Why should we document it?

  • We perceived that newcomers find it difficult to understand the workflow of existing UI components in turn difficulty in contributing to projects.
  • Contributors work in different ways & styles, they work with different tools and they all work at different levels of maturity in turn ended up with their own implementation.
  • Documenting it will not only be helpful to newcomers but may also encourage the adoption of our design system.
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  • It will be helpful to those who are willing to contribute to design system alone.
It is a collection of React UI components for quickly building user interfaces at our organisation, sooner we plan to publish it as an NPM Package as well. 🍻
You should check out our living style guide, which contains list of components unfortunately. At the moment, we are missing insightful documentation for our library.
Now let's move to API documentation.
The main objective is to document API in such a way that it would be easily understandable to new and existing contributors. As we believe a well-documented API and usage/ use-case document can assist in overcoming the bottleneck of trying out the APIs.

What we are looking in terms of API documentation?

  • A use-case of the API, with some conceptual definition indicating what purpose a particular api call serves.
  • A use-case of the API, depicting payload structure sent by the client.
  • A use-case of the API, depicting required/optional properties sent by the client.
  • A use-case of the API, depicting type of request sent by the client.
That's all we want to accomplish with Google season of Docs 😃.

Project summary

Difficulty Level:


Expected Outcome:

  • We would be delighted to have understandable & simple human-friendly documentation enhancing design system experiences of our users.
  • It would be great if almost all the resources served by our API are documented.
  • It would be great if API & Design System docs should be easily understandable by contributors.
  • A great documentation, where everything we need is effortlessly communicated.

Required Skills/knowledge:

  • Experience with technical writing.
  • Brief knowledge of languages, frameworks etc used at Ignitus.
  • Motivation & Enthusiasm towards our mission at Ignitus.



Note: Feel free to contact us on slack if you have any Questions :)