RGSOC 2020

Rails Girls Summer of Code is a global fellowship program for women & non-binary coders.

Project's Requirements

In the beginning we don't expect much from selected candidates as we will be there to help them learn technologies that we are making use of at Ignitus, but it would be great if you have an background in react.js & a motivation to learn new things and implement some cool stuff as well.
❝ Let’s grow together - share your knowledge, we will share ours! ❞

Technical Requirements 🎯

  • Experience with react.js, some knowledge of redux.js & TypeScript will be helpful.
  • Experience in writing Html/Css.
  • Experience with distributed version-control system e.g - git.
  • Experience with server programming e.g - node.js, mongoDB.
  • Experience with writing unit tests (Testing framework). e.g - jest.
  • Knowledge of full-stack software development.
Just to make sure you are comfortable with our legacy code-base, feel free to pick up some easy tickets.

Tasks & Features.

We have a lot of migration stuff that needs to be work on, here are a list of migration-related tickets.

Migration Tickets

  1. 1.
    Migration to styled components(Emotion). #476
  2. 2.
    Removal of Bootstrap 4 => Pure CSS. #403
  3. 3.
    Pure CSS => Styled components. #476
  4. 4.
    Migration to TypeScript. #477
  5. 5.
    Migration to react-hooks. #395
  6. 6.
    TypeScript support on server. #127

Feature Tickets

  1. 1.
    Career page Implementation. #396
  2. 2.
    Job description page Implementation. #397
  3. 3.
    Job confirmation page Implementation. #398
  4. 4.
    Signup Flow UI for students Implementation. #575
  5. 5.
    Dashboard: Side footer Implementation. #557
  6. 6.
    Writing unit tests. #519
Ideally, Initially you should start with the migration issues in client/server-side architecture, then we you move ahead with feature tickets. In the end we plan to Implement mentioned modules.
Careers, Profile, Opportunities, Messages, Settings, along with the migration to emotion, react-hooks, and Typescript.

Final Thoughts 💭

Don't worry about the complexity of the tasks, we will be there to answer your questions, let's learn and grow together in this journey. we are open to new ideas and suggestions from your end as well and if they make sense, we can change the requirements & scope of the project accordingly and based on your experience you can help us either on the client/server-side.
Best of luck 🍀🧧