Ignitus Scholar

A initiative by Ignitus researchers to make research more accessible.
The initiative facilitates people to collaborate and share their knowledge with others by creating short research talks on diverse topics and later own publish their research papers. 📜
It is an ongoing effort and supported through our slack. Anyone can propose a research paper of their interest and form a team to create a talk on it or join an existing team for another paper, you can also propose a paper co-authored by you. Currently, we’re only focusing on computer science conferences.
Once onboard, one goes through a 21-day cycle to collaboratively create the talk in an ad-hoc team, where the members are responsible for designing the structure, flow & content of a 5-minute short talk. The talk is finally published on YouTube 🎥 for a larger audience.
This is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge, impact research, and experience a unique collaborative initiative. 🙌🏻

Why collaborate? 💭

There are thousands of high impact papers, whose findings are not accessible to most of the world. To scale the effort of accessible research knowledge, we got to get together. A high-quality talk creation is a non-trivial endeavour and can be very time-consuming. Through collaboration, we want to change that and scale the process of video production.
A large number of scholars across the world 🌍 can learn from experiences of each and every student & inputs, helping newcomers by answering their queries regarding applying for Master of Science (M.S) program, seeking research opportunities, writing statement of purpose (SOP) etc. 🎓

Who is a talk representative/leader/DRI(directly responsible individual)?

A talk representative/leader/DRI is a person among you, who volunteers to co-lead the talk building effort. As a DRI, you will often be the person of contact for us. Your responsibilities may include: coordinating people and the process, improving, and synthesising the content - you will be credited and acknowledged for your substantial contribution.

Who are behind this program?

We have come a long way from humble beginnings, we now have 1400+ scholars 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓researchers who have actively volunteered to be a part of our organisation. we aim to serve a larger student community in the future.

Can I propose a paper co-authored by me?

Sure, if your paper gains interest within the community, you can start working on creating a talk on it. It's a great way to spread your research and produce high-quality talk.

What is the prerequisite in order to contribute to the program?

Please apply only if you’re passionate about research, collaborative in nature and willing to commit your time. Though no specific skill set is required, applicants are expected to have some level of expertise in the area of paper for which talk is being created.
To participate in the program, you must be 18 years of age or above. You can be a student, a professional or an enthusiast. You can come from any part of the world 🌍.
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the sky is the limit.

How can I apply?

Please visit our careers.