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  • React - A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • Node- Executes JavaScript code outside of a browser.
  • TypeScript - Superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.
  • Redux - A Predictable State Container for JS Apps.
  • Redux-Sagas - An alternative side effect model for Redux apps.
  • Reselect - Selector library for Redux.
  • Emotion - Emotion is a library designed for writing css styles with JavaScript.
  • Express - Node.js web application framework.


  • Travis - Test and Deploy with Confidence.
  • Hound - Automated code review for GitHub pull requests.
  • CodeCov - Improves your code review workflow and quality.
  • Netlify - Netlify builds, deploys and hosts your front-end.
  • Husky - Git hooks made easy woof!
  • Heroku - A cloud platform as a service supporting several programming languages.
  • Docker - Empowering App Development for Developers.
  • Istanbul - JavaScript test coverage tool.


  • Jest - Jest is a delightful JavaScript Testing Framework.
  • Enzyme - JavaScript Testing utilities for React.


  • MongoDB - The database for modern applications.
  • Redis - Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store.


  • Sentry - Application Monitoring and Error Tracking Software.
  • Axios - Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js.
  • React Loadable - A HOC for loading components with promises.
  • IDB - IndexedDB with usability.
  • Font Awesome - Font Awesome is a font and icon toolkit based on CSS and LESS.
  • React Router - Router for react applications.

Additional tools.

  • Prettier - Prettier is an opinionated code formatter.
  • ESlint - Find and fix problems in your JavaScript code.

Deprecated Stack 🧨 (We are migrating from this stack => TS, Emotion).

  • SAAS - Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets.
  • BootStrap 4 - JS UI Framework.
  • Material UI - React components for faster and easier web development.
  • Prop-Types - Runtime type checking for React props and similar objects.
  • Lodash - A JavaScript utility library delivering consistency, modularity.

Migration Ideas. 💭

We also plan to introduce some new technologies in the near future.
  • GraphQL - A query language for your API.
  • Relay - The production-ready GraphQL client for React.
  • Microservices in Golang - Go is a statically typed, compiled programming language