A set of conventions (sometimes arbitrary) about how to write code for this project.

GIT convention.

  • Please don't commit your package-lock.json until & unless you are not adding a new package.
  • Please create a new feature branch from develop not from master, and also create a pull request to develop not to master.

Naming convention.

  • Use camelCase for defining variable as const, let.
  • Use camelCase for className.
  • Use camelCase for function and method names.
  • Use camelCase for property names and local variables.
  • Use PascalCase for defining name of Component & and file that holds that component.
  • Use ignitus-PascalCase for directories. e.g - ignitus-CoreTeam.

Iconography convention.

  • Use SVG Icons defined in ignitus-Icons, if you don't find the icon you want to use download its SVG from font-awesome/Material-icons, please don't forget to give them credits by leaving a comment in the file.
  • Only use the Material Rounded Icons and don't add from any other outside websites. In case, you do not find that icon in the list, please ask the maintainer.

Types convention.

  • Please name Types in PascalCase. e.g - Types TeamItemProps is written in PascalCase.
  • Do not export types or functions unless you need to share it across multiple components.
  • Do not introduce new types or values to the global namespace.

Directory Structure convention. 📁

Strings convention.

  • Use 'single quotes' for strings.

ES6 convention.
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  • Use arrow functions => over anonymous function expressions.
  • Always surround loop and conditional bodies with curly braces.

Readability & Formatting convention.

  • Please move all relative imports after absolute imports.
  • Please don't use IDS in html tags.
  • Please use semantic classNames that makes some sense about the content inside them.
  • Please use rem everywhere instead of em, px, vw.
  • Colours should be written in hexadecimal form and should be picked from colors.ts, if it is not present there then create a new const for that color.
  • Please avoid inline-styles.
  • CSS properties should be ordered in alphabetical order.

meow shocked blob cats

  • If you get any err similarly to this Node SASS could not find a binding for your current environment, try switching node version to v8.16.2.