Design Contribution

If you wish to contribute in designing the Ignitus platform, read this

Design team

Ignitus design is a loose, informal team that works on the design of the user experience and developer experiences. The primary areas of work are web application design, visual theme, and icons. Resources for each of these areas can be found in the Github repo.
The main person managing the designs is Paarmita Bhargava. The best way to contact the team is through the #design on slack.
We use slack to communicate on smaller issues, talk about what to work on next, and just general chatter. It’s good to get to know the other people and for the organization in general.

Design guidelines

The simplest way to contribute to ignitus design is to submit bugs, enhancement requests, see if design breaks UX principles or guidelines. You can create an issue in Github to do so.
The process to do so is the following:
  • First, discuss the idea with the team on the
    slack random
    slack #design channel.
  • Once all agree on the decision, proceed with opening an issue in the
    github logo
    Github repo so that it's not forgotten and be tracked.
  • You can start with cloning the
    figma random
    Figma project locally and start designing!
  • When the proposal is finalised, provide a solution in the issue opened, with the link to the edited Figma file and giving edit access to [email protected]
  • Once approved, it will be added to the original design.

We support all users from beginners to experts

We believe that in a non-profit community everybody is welcomed. We have a task for everyone interested to join. We stay with users every step of the way to help them learn fast as a beginner and then become an expert over time.

We're building one product, together

We're highly focused on ensuring that no matter how big our product gets, the entire experience stays cohesive, consistent, and interconnected.


Balsamiq, or pencil & paper for wireframes.
Figma: for designs
Familiarizing oneself with the Figma tools and features. Figma allows you to design and prototype together, in real-time and in one place.
To join the design team, ping in #design on slack. As it is a non-profit organization, so we are on the Figma free plan and can only provide view-only access.
We are many working on the Design system, Web app, and Landing Page pages in the Figma project.