📝Identity & Guidelines

Outline the building blocks of the Ignitus brand

Defining our brand

Who we are?

Our mission is to bridge the gap between professor, students, researchers and scholars, by connecting them.

Our vision is to help research oriented people and help in boosting their resumes by providing opportunities.

Brand values

Helpful, Understand, Trustworthy

Voice and Tone

  • Conversational

  • Passionate

  • Enthusiastic

  • Intelligent

  • Friendly

  • Helpful

Design elements

The logo is composed of 2 elements- leaves and trunk. The logo symbolizes joining hands to form a community (in form of a tree trunk) and as it is a non-profit community so representing that in the form of a tree. From the name "Ignitus", the leaves can be looked in the form of flames to represent the passion and desire to help people.

The symbol is legible at most sizes, and a small version is provided for micro applications.

Usage on backgrounds

The full-color logos should be used only on white, black, grey or navy blue backgrounds. Avoid using full-color logos on photographs unless the logo sits on a black or white area of the image.


Gathering the insights about the education platform we decided to choose a Navy Blue color. Indeed blue is associated with open spaces, freedom, trust, loyalty, sincerity.


Based on our mission and vision, we wanted to find a font expressing a friendly and human feeling. so choosing American Typewriter.


To have a friendly feeling, I used the Rounded Material Design icons for the platform.

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